Ruminant Services​

Armstrong Veterinary Clinic provides ruminant health services to clients across the North Okanagan. Our veterinarians are committed to providing quality medical skills and consulting advice to facilitate our ruminant client’s production, health, and management concerns.

Ruminant Services

Armstrong Veterinary Clinic provides professional services to dairies across the North Okanagan. We strive to consistently deliver high-quality herd health programs by offering services in all of the following areas:

  • Reproductive monitoring to achieve your goals
  • Vaccination program development
  • Fresh cow health monitoring
  • Production analysis
  • Calf and heifer-rearing programs
  • Cow comfort and barn design

We also service beef and small ruminant clients, including sheep, goats, llamas, and alpacas. These services include;

  • Preventative health programs designed to promote flock/herd health and prevent disease
  • Laboratory services for monitoring fecal egg counts
  • Ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis
  • Examination and treatment of sick animals
  • 24-hour emergency service